Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

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Trust FairLifts to reserve expert pipeline surveys today, to accelerate your business propositions, and secure your pipelines in Oklahoma for a competitive price. It’s a pipeline inspection that proves well worth the investment, whether you’re surveying the land before the pipeline is to be installed, or even if you need to inspect existing pipelines for incongruities or problems. You’re guaranteed a fair price, one that exists at or below the industry average for the high-quality services which FairLifts can exclusively deliver access to.

Make short work of any pipeline problems, no matter their distance or their severity, when you trust the integrity of your pipeline to FairLifts’ affiliate helicopters. If it’s a crack, undue pressure, or any other issue, experienced pipeline experts can fix your issue before it becomes an even larger problem. Make sure that your problems are addressed by individuals with the expertise and the dedication required to tackle the issue.

Given the importance of a functioning, uninterrupted pipeline in Oklahoma, quality assurance is a constant undertaking, and problems can often compromise your productivity. Pipeline inspections in Oklahoma can often cover extensive ground and sometimes must take place where the terrain might prove a problem. Fortunately, local operator helicopter fleets are more than accustomed to taking to the skies and can finish any pipeline survey in record time, no matter the imposed deadline.

Choppers optimized for pipeline inspections will survey the entirety of the required ground and will assure lasting quality before moving on to the next stretch of pipeline. It’s the type of quality assurance you need, when a pipeline survey is effectively the distance between yourself and increased, sustained profits. Affiliate helicopter providers have long since established a habit of providing lasting helicopter services to the surrounding area.

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

These helicopters are equipped with the latest technology, capable of performing holistic pipeline surveys quickly and efficiently. Using options like laser detection, experts aboard affiliated helicopters can easily detect anomalies in pipeline consistency. Ranging optical remote sensing technology can identify pipeline leaks from above the ground, while the perspective provides these experts with an easy method to measure miles upon miles of pipeline in little time. Digital survey images are also recorded, for subsequent analysis upon the completion of the pipeline survey itself.

Before 2018 concludes, an approximate 4,600 additional miles of pipeline will be installed, all of it vital for the continuity of local business. In Oklahoma, the situation proves to be no different: the installation and sustained success of these pipelines will determine the success of the region’s economy. When such importance rests upon the success of a pipeline, you’re going to want to trust their continued upkeep to the industry’s best.

Helicopters are also unique in their capacity to reach locations traditionally out of reach for inspectors on foot. Inspections by road vehicles are also not always a viable option, either because of gas expenses or because a majority of the pipeline exists in an area inaccessible by car. This leaves helicopters as virtually the sole option in pipeline quality control. Past extensive vegetation, helicopter pipeline technology can easily identify problems from the skies and can suggest fixes as soon as scans are completed.

Pipelines are often scanned for any of the following problems:

  • Exposure to the air
  • Spills
  • Third-party tampering and destruction
  • Natural weathering
  • Problems with erosion or nearby vegetation
  • Encroachments upon the pipeline region

Patrols derive footage from infrared cameras, capable of recording thermal video and images. Whether it’s an anomaly in surface temperature, missing signage, underground leakage or microscopic alterations, a helicopter can identify your pipeline problem in no time. Leave the identification of virtually any pipeline issue to the best in the business.

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