Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas: Infrared, Thermal, HD, & More!

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When the distance between your business and effective productivity is a pipeline problem, it’s time to put your pipeline network into the hands of a dedicated professional. Make a helicopter pipeline survey the solution to your pipeline needs in Kansas. Unique in the fact that a pipeline survey by helicopter can survey a large amount of land, and the pipeline, at a single time, these pipeline surveys can exact a more thorough survey, in a fraction of the normal time, and all for a price that’s easy to support. Pipeline solutions come easy with a helicopter pipeline survey. Solve your pipeline problems from the skies, when you trust any one of the helicopters from our affiliate fleet in Kansas. Each chopper has been optimized specifically for pipeline examination, so you know that the aircraft that arrives for the job has done it before. The technology aboard is all world-class and can easily identify and suggest remedies for all of the problems plaguing your pipelines. Extensive portions of land in Kansas are set aside for pipeline use. More than 4,500 miles of new pipeline will be installed in the remainder of 2018 alone. This fact alone speaks to the importance that a quality pipeline survey provider can have on the longevity of any pipeline operator. With such a large emphasis on pipeline productivity, something that the heart of the United States depends upon for its survival, you simply can’t afford any of the hassles that a pipeline problem brings. The quickest distance between pipeline problems and solutions is a helicopter-facilitated survey, exacted by a trusted affiliate provider.

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas

One of the many benefits in employing a helicopter for your pipeline survey is the fact that oftentimes, a helicopter alone can reach many of the problematic pipeline areas. Overgrown regions and rough terrain can make by-foot pipeline surveys tedious, overly expensive, and downright impractical. And given the fact that a four-wheeled vehicle can only reach portions of the pipeline that exist right alongside a road, a helicopter alone can perform a survey on the entirety of your pipeline. And the quicker the survey is performed, the quicker your problems are in the past. Pipeline inspectors aboard a FairLifts’ affiliate aircraft understand what makes a working pipeline network. They capture high-resolution footage of the pipeline for post-flight examination and can examine particularly problematic areas for as long as necessary. Pilots and in-flight pipeline experts can identify all pipeline problems, including any of the following:

  • Third-party interference
  • Natural erosion
  • Undue exposure
  • Problematic vegetation
  • Pipeline spills and leaks

Infrared cameras can easily identify those portions of the pipeline which are threatened, or otherwise require extensive work. Thermal video and high-quality images are captured while the helicopter is in flight, and thermal image detection can get right to the issue. Helicopters also carry state-of-the-art laser gas leak detection systems, perfect for identifying gas leaks that would easily compromise a large extent of the pipeline network. Surface temperatures are taken, as they are indicative of underground leaks. Once readings are examined, crew members can pinpoint areas of particular interest or concern, for a closer examination of the possible issues. Even above-ground obstacles like houses, trees, power lines and more do not prove a problem for helicopters, given their unique capacity to fly high over obstacles and yet still attain precise readings on underground pipelines. Avoid profit losses from any new leaks, when you trust a Kansas pipeline survey through FairLifts. Packages are affordable, incredibly thorough, and will put your mind to rest concerning the quality of your existing pipeline. Quality assurance is the name of the game when it comes to pipeline networks, and regular pipeline surveys offer the quickest fixes to budding pipeline problems. Make the easy decision today to request a quote for a pipeline survey in Kansas through FairLifts!

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