Louisiana Helicopter Pipeline Surveys

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Louisiana: Fast, Accurate and Effective Results

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For natural resource providers, pipeline surveys and inspections are integral to the movement of their product to the numerous markets they serve promptly. Surveys and inspections are carried out routinely to look for anomalies in pipeline installations and per local and federal regulations. In areas where the concentration of complex pipeline systems is particularly concentrated as is the case in the state of Louisiana, the pipeline surveys in Louisiana must yield accurate results. According to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Office of Conservation, the state’s massive amalgamated system of pipelines plays a vital role in the overall economy. The state of Louisiana has over 50,000 miles of integrated pipelines that intersect at several points across major highways, intercoastal waterways and railways with the greatest concentration of pipeline mileage present in the Gulf Coast communities. In recent years, the state has seen exponential growth within the natural gas market. Several of Louisiana’s universities and commercial entities purchase their natural gas on the open market and the majority of local municipalities are members of the Louisiana Municipal Gas Authority which purchases natural gas products for its members every month. In addition to providing natural gas resources to members of its communities, the interconnection of Louisiana’s intrastate natural gas pipeline system to interstate pipelines allows for the distribution of gas products across the United States. Especially concerning the major gas markets serviced through the Henry Hub pipeline located in Erath, Louisiana. When the distribution of natural resources achieves a level of vital import and the systems used to distribute the resource extends to not only one state itself but beyond its borders, how do pipeline operators maintain the integrity of their product? One way is via pipeline surveys and inspections. Pipeline surveys may be conducted in many ways with the most effective being via aerial inspections from a helicopter. Not only does a helicopter provide an elevated perspective which allows for the inspection to extend for miles, but operators can also additionally survey more than one pipeline at a time. Helicopters are inherently designed to perform aerial surveys because they can further maneuver into areas traditional vehicles cannot access and can fly to lower elevations producing an opportunity for closer inspections. Aerial pipeline surveys mitigate the need for extraneous resources as they can facilitate a host of applications necessary to the progression of the pipeline operator. Helicopters may be utilized in preliminary surveys and right of way acquisition for major interstate pipelines as well as an array of maintenance tasks to verify the integrity of beneficial pipeline assets. Operators looking to secure the use of helicopters to conduct helicopter pipeline surveys should seek a reliable resource to help reserve the best and most affordable options in Louisiana. FairLifts is the leader in reserving helicopter services that not only meet the needs of the client, but they also exceed them. When you reserve helicopter facilitated pipeline survey operations through FairLifts, you will have access to a wide range of alternatives, not only specific to aircraft but types of surveys too. The network of providers we reserve services for has an extensive fleet available, professional crew and pilots, who have years of experience with inner workings of various surveying technologies guaranteed to deliver the results in a timely and accurate manner. The process to procure aerial pipeline surveys is simple. Call or fill out a convenient contact form. Once an agent contacts you, relay your specific need and they will start the process of delivering a functional and superlative alternative to you as well as produce a complimentary price estimation as to what you can expect to pay for the service(s). Need to change something last minute or additional helicopter service solutions? Not a problem. Our agents are well versed in delivering on-demand and last-minute options as well.

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