Helicopter pipeline surveys in Utah

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Utah

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From the Ruby Pipeline running from Wyoming through Utah to the UNEV Pipeline that originates in the state, there are many above and underground oil/gas pipelines that require constant monitoring and inspection. These lines run thousands of miles and the number is likely to grow exponentially in 2018 (predicted amounts are over 4.6 thousand miles). With the help of FairLifts, you and your company can see a greater number of lines inspected and patrolled regularly, decreasing the risk of recurring unidentified leaks or other anomalies. Pipeline surveys in Utah are not only needed to mitigate potential risks, product loss, and profit decreases but also are often required by the Department of Transportation to ensure the line is safe and correctly managed. Aerial pipeline surveys conducted by trained helicopter operators are the most cost-effective, safe and efficient means in the inspection of multiple lines. Often, pipelines run in areas not easily accessible by ground crews and run for miles making it a tedious and costly job to dispatch a ground crew. Helicopters can take trained inspectors over multiple lines in one day, to remote areas and provide more accurate readings using laser detection, optical remote sensing technology, LiDAR and GIS data acquisition. By conducting regular helicopter pipeline surveys you will be provided with GPS encoded images, detailed ROW observation reports and timely accurate results needed to move projects along, meet federal regulations and repair what may be needed to move forward. We are familiar with the region and our relationships with local operators give us the ability to offer pipeline survey operations anywhere in Utah as well as the country. Our professional network of providers can offer experienced pilots and aircraft needed to assist utilities in conducting aerial and ground-based gas leak detection, preliminary route studies, design services and legal boundary issues regarding Oil & Gas deposits in the area.

Technology Used in Utah Aerial Pipeline Surveys

By partnering with professional operators specifically in the field, FairLifts can arrange surveys that utilize the best-in-field technology in the industry. Such technology includes multiple LiDAR scanners to augment data collection especially in remote or hard to reach areas, high-resolution cameras capturing encoded thermal video and still images and gas leak detection systems that sample air for methane concentrations.

Fully Comprehensive Helicopter Pipeline Surveys

Sometimes, more than one solution is needed to address an assortment of issues. FairLifts provides you with helicopter patrols, detection, inspection and the ability to deliver crews to remote locations. Some of the additional services we can schedule include:

  • Route Recon
  • Preliminary Route Surveying
  • Oil & Gas Well Surveying & Staking
  • Pipeline Construction / As-Built Survey
  • After-Built Survey
  • Ownership Plats for Easement Acquisition
  • Road / River Permit Exhibits
  • Boundary / Cadastral / Topographic
  • Road / Well Pad / Construction Staking
  • Mapping Services
  • Construction Alignment Sheets

Inspections of:

  • Ditch settlements
  • Encroachments
  • Erosion abnormalities
  • Exposed pipes
  • Missing signs and markers
  • Slope stability abnormalities
  • Spills and leaks
  • Third party activity
  • Vegetation abnormalities

If you are in need of aerial pipeline surveys in Utah, contact FairLifts. Our experience in arranging professional helicopter pipeline surveys, right-of-way acquisition and maintenance projects can save you both time and money. Whether you are looking for impact surveys, archeological transect inspections, transport of executives, land demarcation assistance or data management, our agents are ready to assist you in getting the job successfully completed in the most efficient amount of time. Trust no one else but FairLifts with your pipeline inspections in Utah.

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