Offshore Helicopter Charters to Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs

Offshore Helicopter Charters to Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs from Houma Heliport

Fair Lifts Oil & Gas

FairLifts arranges premium offshore helicopter charters for the oil and gas industry from Houma, Louisiana to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs for cargo and crews on time-sensitive deadlines. Helicopters provide indispensable assistance to companies on the Gulf of Mexico by transporting oil and gas crews and cargo to and from vessels, drilling rigs, production platforms, and pipeline terminals. Helicopter charters also survey pipelines to check for leaks or damage.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Working with an experienced network of affiliates, FairLifts schedules helicopter charter operations 200 or more miles offshore to aid deepwater exploration, drilling, and production. By providing immediate solutions to oil and gas industry demands, our network keeps projects on strict deadlines up and running, thereby affording a cost-effective and efficient solution for offshore industrial operations. Flying from the Houma, Louisiana heliport, the affiliate network can offer comprehensive support to rigs along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Alabama. Staffed with an expert team of FAA-certified pilots, our network has proven experience in the industry, which relies on charter helicopter solutions for the successful day to day operations.

Premium Helicopter Fleets

Given that oil companies rarely operate their fleets, the network of premium helicopter charters provides invaluable support to the oil and gas industry. The Gulf of Mexico fleet features turbine-powered, as well as single-pilot helicopters, such as the Bell 206 and 407, A-Star, Twin-Star, EC-120, and Bolkow (BO-105). The fleet also includes medium-sized aircraft, such as the Bell 212, 412, and Sikorsky S-76, heavier dual-pilot aircraft, such as the Bell 214ST, Puma, and S-61, among others. Smaller aircraft are recommended for VFR-only operation, while medium and heavy aircraft are IFR capable, and include weather radar and autopilot. The network of helicopter charters is maintained regularly to ensure seamless service.

Expert Helicopter Crews

FairLifts affiliate network of helicopter charters is staffed by expert crews with substantial industry experience, as well as FAA Commercial Rotorcraft-Helicopter certificates with an instrument rating in helicopters and Class 2 medical certificates. Our network pilots meet the standard 1000-1500 flight hours as PIC in helicopter requirements and are experienced in operating in changing weather conditions, including fog and thunderstorms. Pilot crews are available immediately to meet all industry demands.

Offshore Personnel Loading for the Ride Home.

Offshore Personnel Loading for the Ride Home.

Helicopter Charter Availability

FairLifts schedules helicopter charters for oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico from the Houma-Terrebonne Airport, which lies roughly 50 miles southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana. Located between the Mississippi River to the north and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, Houma is an ideal base for helicopter fleets providing service to offshore Gulf of Mexico oil rig facilities.

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A team of experienced customer service agents is on hand to provide immediate quotes and information regarding helicopter charters in the Gulf of Mexico. Equipped with the necessary knowledge to address all oil and gas industry needs, agents working together with the FairLifts network of affiliates can provide cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to either short-term or long-term oil rig helicopter charter needs.

Contact a FairLifts agent today at 1-800-318-8940 and we will arrange an offshore helicopter charter that meets all your oil and gas industry demands.