Aerial Video Production in Philadelphia

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If you are shooting a film in Philadelphia, FairLifts can help. Our partners have access to the latest in aerial filming technology, bringing you the crisp clear shots you want for your filming needs. A wide range of filming choices exist with FairLifts to give you the images you need. Our experienced vendors offer exactly what you need.

Philadelphia, the most populated city in Pennsylvania, offers much, especially in the realm of filming. Many movies have been shot in and around the city and Philly such as The Silver Linings Playbook, Rocky, and Unbreakable. The popular show Boy Meets World was also filmed in the city.

The city itself offers a great place for any filming needs. A helicopter can help you capture the aerial views essential to your production.

Equipment Available

As we said before, we have connections to the latest in helicopter filming technology including different choices of lenses, cameras, gyro-stabilizers, and more. Various name brands are available upon request including Shotover and Cineflex.


Cineflex offers the latest in aerial filmography. Cineflex offers the latest in camera rigs that attach to helicopters and is a leader in the industry. Many of the mounts are lightweight, easy to use, and have even been created by those in the film industry. A couple of different options of Cineflex systems include the Cineflex Elite and the Cineflex V14HD.


Shotover has an impressive line of gyro-stabilized camera platforms. These help create a level of stability, control, and versatility that are said to be able to handle the most advanced cameras and lenses in the world. A few options include: K180 3 camera Array, 180 degree plus FOV, Shotover K1, Shotover F1, and Shotover U1.


There is a wide variety of lens options as well so we can ensure the best shots are captured in your aerial production. A few options are the Angenieux Optimo 25-250, Fujinon Premier 18-85, Canon Cine-Servo 17-120, Canon Cine-Servo 50-1000, and Angenieux 50-500 Anamorphic.


Cameras are important in the equipment department as the rest of it. Luckily, our vendors are up to date on camera options for quality aerial filmography. Some camera options include Arri Alexa XT M, Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Alexa 65, Red Weapon, Sony F55, and IMAX 70mm.

The Advantages of FairLifts

FairLifts wants to help you take your aerial filming to the next level anywhere in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas. We work with certified professionals, so you receive quality finished products. With our wide network of pilots and crew members, we can help bring you the best services. Pilots we associate with follow Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations to bring you the services you need in a safe manner. Vendors aerial filming services are flexible and completely customizable, so you get exactly what you are searching for.

We have team members standing by ready to take your calls, answer any questions you may have about aerial filming services, and help get you started on a quote. Our lines are open 24/7, so feel free to give us a call at your convenience.

Bring aerial filming to new heights with FairLifts by calling 1-800-318-8940!