Santa delivers presents in helicopter

Santa arrives by helicopter to visit pediatric patients at Cooper University Health Care

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Generally, Santa doesn’t make an appearance until December 24 on Christmas Eve where he and his 8 reindeer fly to rooftops and slide down chimneys in an effort to deliver presents to good boys and girls. However, on Thursday, Santa decided to make a very special trip to visit a hospital in Camden, New Jersey, and he did so by helicopter.

According to Cooper University Health Care Chief executive physician, Anthony Mazzarelli, Santa referred to his naughty and nice list and upon discovering they were on the latter, planned his visit.

Mazzarelli said, “He checked the list, I believe he checked it twice and we were on the nice list. So that’s why he chose to come to Cooper University Health Care.”

Good ole St. Nick spent his time Thursday morning asking pediatric patients what they wanted for Christmas and inquiring as to whether they had behaved all year.

Per observations made by Stephanie Conners, the chief operating officer of Cooper University Health Care, “He goes room to room and sees all of the other children who can’t make it to the playroom to make sure that they have an opportunity to see Santa.”

In efforts to assure his reindeer are fully rested for their performance on Christmas Eve, Santa commissioned the use of the hospital’s air ambulance helicopter to transport himself and one of his helpers, along with some present to the hospital.

While on board the helicopter. Santa could be seen waving to patients and onlookers.

Santa has been quoted as saying, “It’s supposed to be a magical season, and to see the smile on a kids face is pure magic.” He further went on to say, To see at least one of them smile makes it all worth it, and that’s what it’s about.”

Ms. Conners seconded Santa’s thoughts in stating, “It’s important to us to make sure that they don’t miss anything throughout the holidays, and bringing Santa to them brings a lot of cheer, and that’s what we like to do.”

Smiles and fun were had by everyone throughout Santa’s visit including grateful parents.

According to Mazzarelli, this was a very opportune time for Santa to make an appearance as everyone is in the process of prepping for the holidays. He mentioned that parents of children who are hospitalized express concern as to whether their child will make it home in time for Christmas. He has said, “So you’re thinking about, for the parents and for the families, ‘Is my child still going to be here?’ And so this brings some normalcy thinking about that.”

It is well known throughout communities across the world that Santa finds a way to make Christmas special for every boy or girl no matter where they happen to be. If you’ve been nice this year, you can expect a visit from Kris Kringle, even if he has to fly in on board a borrowed helicopter.