Charter an Executive Helicopter from JFK to Manhattan Seamlessly with FairLifts

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Whether you are simply visiting New York or are a resident, you know how congested traffic can be. Avoid the stress of traffic when you are in a hurry to get from points A to B. Flying in or out of JFK can be a hassle once you deplane. Don’t get stuck in one of the busiest airports in the world. Along with the hustle and bustle, gathering your bags, and hailing a taxi, reaching your destination in downtown is stressful. From the bottlenecks along the bridges and tunnels to the general delay that occurs on Van Wyck highway, your travel time from the airport to Manhattan can take up to several hours, and who has time for that?

Skip the Queen’s Traffic and Delays by Chartering a Helicopter from JFK to Manhattan

While public transportation may seem like the more economical route, you are still at the mercy of others. Long lines, cramped subways and the angry pedestrians are all too common. By chartering a helicopter for an airport transfer, you are eliminating the need for extra tickets, finding a good spot on the train and the general delay in your travels. You can get to where you’re going in less than 15 minutes. Sounds great, right?

Helicopter from JFK to Manhattan

Aerial view of lower Manhattan, New York City.

Travel in VIP Fashion, Charter a Luxury Helicopter from JFK to Manhattan

By taking an executive helicopter charter rather than typical ground transportation, you are taking the opportunity to ride in a safe, reliable, and luxury helicopter for the duration of your flight. From a beautiful climate-controlled cabin, enough space for you and your luggage and a soundproof stereo system, your flight aboard a state of the art helicopter will be one you will enjoy from lift-off to touch-down. Enjoy your quiet time and get to your next destination by passing over all of the traffic beneath you.

Chartering a helicopter is a simple task, and only takes a few moments of your time at most. Simply call Fairlifts, let us know you are coming into JFK. We will dispatch one of our partnering operators to your location as soon as possible. Need some additional ground transportation? That’s easy with Fairlifts full concierge service. We provide luxury car service to deliver you even farther once you are on the ground.

Still looking for further Helicopter Assistance in New York?

Check out our complete list of New York City helicopter lift services available. Have a trip coming up and want to book early? Or is this a last-minute transfer? We can handle both. Simply give us a call and we will discuss your options, deliver a free quote and answer any questions you may have about your upcoming airport transfer in a helicopter from JFK to Manhattan. We are available 24/7 for your convenience and our flight account managers are well versed in the area to provide you with the closest possible landing site to your destination. Do you have some specific amenities you are looking for or need additional conveyance past your original destination? We would love to help you customize your flight and can do additional transfers per your request.