Chula Vista Helicopter Lift Services


Chula Vista Helicopter Lift Services


Learn More About the Variety of Ways Helicopter Lifts Can Help to Support Your Business or Corporation
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Safe, Reliable and Accurate Chula Vista Helicopter Lift Services

Helicopters are the fastest way to deliver heavy loads, objects, or equipment to a destination. And, if your location is generally thought of as inaccessible or remote, helicopters may be the only way to transport goods, merchandise, equipment or even transport your work crews in and out safely and securely.

FairLifts has a number of operators around Chula Vista that can effectively facilitate external sling load and helicopter applications to complete your mission or task. From the precision placement of utility installations and generators to the rooftop of the city’s tallest buildings to the transport of pieces for the construction of tower cranes, we can get you access to an operator who can get the job done, correctly.

Coordinate an Aerial Solution via Chula Vista Helicopter Lifts
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How the Community of Chula Vista and Businesses Alike Can Benefit from Helicopter Solutions

With Chula Vista being in such close proximity to Los Angeles, it would be simple for a busy executive to meet up with an executive helicopter charter at a public heliport or an airfield and travel into downtown LA for meetings and return the same day. For those who happen to be traveling for business either into an airport in San Diego, or Tijuana, Mexico, FairLifts can organize a helicopter to meet you at a private hangar near the airport following your commercial flight and take you as close as possible to your meeting in a neighboring city or to your hotel.

Another thing to note is that there are a number of opportunities to supplement emergency helicopter services to perform aerial patrols of the beaches which extend from San Diego to Laguna beach. The choice in service is yours when you call FairLifts to arrange your professional helicopter solutions in Chula Vista and beyond.

Learn More About the Variety of Ways Helicopter Lifts Can Help to Support Your Business or Corporation
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How Chula Vista Helicopter Solutions Work for You

Agents can help to coordinate professional helicopter lifts and industry-wide solutions to deliver aerial support to a number of businesses, industries, and projects including the following:

Chula Vista Construction Helicopter Services - Chula Vista Helicopter Lift Solutions

Solutions for Construction

  • Logistical Transport of Work Crews to Offshore Installations, Oil Rigs, and Platforms, Remote Destinations
  • Construction of Tower Cranes, Wind Turbines, Bridges or Trestles
  • Pipeline, Powerline Installation, and Inspection
  • Heavy Object and Machinery Transport or Relocation
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Chula Vista Heavy Lift Helicopters - Chula Vista Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lift Ops

  • Vehicle Transport
  • Precision Placement of Outsized or Heavy Objects
  • Rooftop Installation or Placement
  • Transport of Heavy Materials like Wood, Metal or Concrete
  • Outsized Object Transport
  • Wreckage Retrieval and Salvage
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Chula Vista Helicopter Freight & Cargo Conveyance - Chula Vista Helicopter Lift Solutions

Cargo Transport

  • Clinical Staff Transport
  • Critically Ill or Injured Person(s) Transport
  • Disaster Response, Evacuation and Supply Drops
  • Transport Between Medical Facilities for the Medically Fragile
  • Water, High Altitude, and Remote Location Rescue
  • LEO Assist in Aerial Pursuits
  • Military Assist
  • Search and Rescue
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Chula Vista Emergency Solutions - Chula Vista Helicopter Lift Solutions

Emergency Response

  • Field / Crop Drying
  • Frost Protection
  • Surveying
  • Animal Herding
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