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Professional and Accurate Transmission Line Construction with Helicopter Support

Like the Most Valuable Player on your favorite sports team, aerial cranes are MVPs in construction, utility, and other industries that require heavy lifting. Lifting helicopters are equipped for very specialized tasks, including carrying underslung loads and oversized objects. Power line builds, construction projects in hard to reach areas, and highway construction benefit from the services of an experienced helicopter crane company.

Sometimes land cranes are simply not adequate for the job and lifting helicopters are the preferred choice. Often a helicopter lift is the only logical choice.

You might see a helicopter from an aerial crane service company placing an antenna on top of a skyscraper in a large city or hauling concrete slabs in a highway construction project on an interstate highway.

Aerial lifts used in crane construction can cut the number of days spent on the job site in half, since they can haul large loads much more efficiently than land cranes. Do you need to get to the top of a mountain? No problem. Do you need to navigate through the wilderness or an environmentally sensitive area? Unlike land cranes, aerial crane service preserves the surrounding environment.

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Helicopter Lifts in Action

Helicopter Crane ServicesHelicopter Crane Services

It is amazing to see helicopter cranes in action! You may have seen one of these aircraft with a huge load slung beneath it and wondered, how does it work and what are these crane services used for? Well, we will attempt to answer some of these questions here. It is difficult, of course, to make blanket statements describing the use of aerial cranes since each job is unique. But there are facts surrounding each project that determine whether indeed a lifting helicopter is the right choice, and how to do the actual lifting.

Firstly, an experienced pilot would need to assess your situation. Do you have to lift heavy concrete? The pilot may determine that it should be lifted with steel chains. Do you have a large yet delicate object that needs to be protected while being moved? Then cloth straps may be your best option. The helicopter will be rigged with the correct hardware, which sometimes means cables will be used. Some jobs require one cable and others need as many as four. This is obviously dependent on the object's weight, but also on its width and height.

Once the pilot finishes rigging up the helicopter, workers on the ground will attach the object to the sling or chains as the chopper hovers above. Once securely attached, the payload will be slowly lifted up and be taken to its destination. Upon arrival, crews on the ground will precisely direct the pilot so that the load is placed in the proper location. No job is too large or too small for an aerial crane company. Some projects can be done within a few hours while other important, and sometimes tricky, jobs require days or even weeks of planning. The pilot will help you attain required permits and paperwork and help decide on the best hauling route for your lift.

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Lifting Helicopters, Types and Descriptions

Crane services utilize various types of helicopters for lifting. Their unique ability to land vertically, hover, and maneuver sideways, back and forth make these aircraft irreplaceable in many circumstances. One medium-lift helicopter is the Kaman K-MAX, sometimes referred to as an aerial truck. It can carry loads weighing as much as 6,000 pounds and is specially designed for repetitive operations. You might see a Kaman K-MAX working at a construction site all day with underslung loads beneath. These aerial cranes are also ideal for reaching locations that are off the beaten path; you might see a K-MAX servicing an oil rig off the coast or hauling materials to a ski lift on top of a mountain.

Lifting helicopters are also used in firefighting. The Bell 204 and 205 are capable of carrying 9,500 pounds of water and fire retardants. When you see aerial crane service aiding in fighting a wildfire, it is most likely one of these models. Perhaps not as well-known but equally valuable are the Erickson S-64E and S-64F, mostly used in construction, logging and firefighting. These helicopters allow a supervisor to monitor the lift, thanks to an aft-facing seat position.

The granddaddy of them all is the Sikorsky S-58T. It can take off carrying 14,000 pounds of weight! It was originally designed by the military but has been in commercial use since the 1960s. The S58-T is preferred for crane construction projects because it can carry up to nine crew members on board. No matter the job, there is an aerial crane that can help do the job faster and cheaper than land cranes in many cases. When exploring your options, it is important to take the unique capabilities of lifting helicopters into account.

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