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Corporate Helicopter Services

Commonly Used Terms and Glossary

Air Charter Guide:

A directory specific to the cataloging of aircraft charter industry terms, schedules and operators. Feature include an informational listing of global helicopter service providers, aircraft specifications, and provider locations for the corporate, construction and general helicopter charter industries.

Airport Transfer:

Airport transfers via corporate helicopter services typically refer to brief helicopter charters, on average around 15 minutes of flight time, to or from the airport of the client's choice, to the final destination of the client, whether being a hotel, private helipad, or event.

Business Aviation:

Business aviation is the phrase used to refer to the usage of aircraft in the pursuit of corporate, executive or business related purposes.

Corporate Helicopter Services GlossaryCorporate Helicopter Services Glossary

Corporate Helicopter Services:

Corporate helicopter services refer to a number of offerings in which helicopters are the means of facilitation to and away from one's desired destination. These services focus primarily on corporate or executive furtherance and may include: executive charters, airport transfers, and brief flights for executive helicopter pursuits.

Executive Charter:

A specific type of corporate helicopter service in which the client is conveyed to a particular destination via executive helicopter or a flight commences specific to an executive pursuit e.g. tours or observation operation with respect to construction or job sites.

Helicopter Coaches:

Helicopter coach is another term used to describe the means of conveyance in corporate helicopter services. Utilized to facilitate airport transfers, executive helicopter charters, and rides.

Corporate Helicopter Services GlossaryCorporate Helicopter Services Glossary

Helicopter Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off:

Hotel pickup/drop off corporate helicopter services consist of the conveyance by means of helicopter to and away from the client's location of accommodation.

Helicopter Limo:

Terminology used to refer to the means by which an airport transfer, corporate charter or corporate helicopter services flight may be facilitated. May also refer to the means of conveyance one may partake in when being driven to a nearby helicopter hangar to facilitate an airport transfer.

Long Range Private Helicopter Services:

Generally executive helicopter are not utilized for long range travel. However, there are some instances in which a long range helicopter may be suitable for a particular mission or operation. In the case of Search and Rescue (SAR), aerial filming pursuits and emergency response, long range helicopters would be effective. Examples of long range helicopters as civil aircraft are the H155, H225 and AW189 among-st numerous other models.

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