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Emergency Helicopter Services
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Emergency Helicopter Services

Catch up to speed on common terminology and insider information in relation to Air Ambulances and Emergency Helicopter Services. If we are missing any information or you have more questions with respect to air ambulance services, please feel free reach out to us directly.

Emergency Helicopter Services:

Air Ambulance and emergency helicopter services are the means by which helicopters are implemented in the pursuit of aid in a natural disaster and emergency services response, firefighting, salvage, recovery, and rehabilitation. Helicopters may also be implemented in operations alongside law enforcement and search and rescue.

Government Services:

Government helicopter services refer to the use of helicopters in contractual obligation in the transport of emergency resources, transport of sensitive materials, or conveyance of personnel.

Hoist Operations:

Hoist operations conducted for the purpose of aid in government operations include the helicopter rescue of personnel or assistance in the act of retrieval of persons, livestock, or property in dire situations or as a result of a disaster.

Natural Disaster Relief:

An indispensable aerial aid in the relief of loss of power, recovery, and helicopter rescue of inhabitants, rehabilitation of affected areas and distribution of supplies and personnel following natural disasters. E.g. tornado, hurricane, wildfire.

Police Assistance:

Helicopters may be implemented in the pursuit of assistance to law enforcement for search and  helicopter rescue, aerial aid in the pursuit of suspicious persons, a visual aid in hostage situations, in air ambulatory EMS response and in the ability to relay information about congested routes or roadways after emergency response to accidents, etc.

Salvage Recovery:

Helicopter salvage and recovery pertain to the use of aerial aids to either remove debris, garbage or damage structures using air cranes, or to bring in rehabilitation products like mulch and ground-cover following a destructive forest fire.E.g. wreckage in waterways, damaged or burnt equipment off oil rigs and construction sites or wreckage as a result of natural disasters or even in the case of off-road sports for damaged vehicles.

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