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A Glossary of Terms for

Environmental protection helicopter services

Environmental protection helicopter services refer to a variety of services facilitated by helicopters that serve the furtherance of agriculture via surveys and crop treatments, the timber industry in the implementation of earth friendly harvesting techniques, and in the containment of forest fires and farmland and livestock management.


Aerial agriculture services include top dressing, crop treatments, over watering solutions and crop drying. Helicopters may have tanks affixed to the outside of the aircraft and sprayers attached to the sides of the aircraft so as to dust crops effectively.

Aircare & Growsafe

Aircare and Growsafe are types of accreditation one would need to achieve to safely and effectively manage the use of biochemicals.

CCA Part 137

Civil Aviation Authority Part 137 is an indexing of rules and regulations pertaining to the agricultural industry.

National Agricultural Aviation Association

The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) was established by small business owners and pilots to provide support of the agricultural industry.

Professional Aerial Applicators Support System (PASS)

Professional aerial applicators support system (pass) is an informative education and safety program for aerial applicators.


Exploration in an aerial sense would be used in surveying, exploration to determine property lines, inconsistencies in issue with power lines and the discovery of energy resources.

Airborne geophysical survey

Airborne geographic surveys are conducted to receive vital information regarding environmental surveys, mineral explorations, and gas and oil exploration.


Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic System (VTEM) is an airborne electromagnetic system that affords researchers the ability to learn new information regarding mineral explorations.


Z‐Tipper Axis Electromagnetic (ZTEM) is an airborne electromagnetic system that detects fluctuations in the magnetic field so as to afford researchers information in the discovery of bodies of rock for various purposes.


Used primarily in areas that prove difficult to access helicopter logging consists of the implementation of helicopters to remove trees in the interest of harvesting timber.


The boring of a tree is to remove a smallish portion so as to determine the health and growth rate(age) of the tree.


The term grapple may refer to more than one element in tree harvesting. Grappling hooks are used to climb trees so as to ‘top’ trees. Further, tree grapples are a type of rake-like piece of equipment that may be operated by one individual and is used to pick up a felled tree and pull it from out of the area. Tree grapples do minimal damage to the first floor and are not destructive to irrigation systems.


Tree topping is the removal of the top of a tree or of large branches from off the top of the tree.


Helicopter surveying or aerial surveying is the implementation of environmental protection helicopters for the purpose of utility inspection and patrol, thermal inconsistencies in geographic or seismic analysis and livestock management.

Land Demarcation

Land demarcation is the act of creating a boundary, line or shape around a particular piece of property.

Legal Boundary

A legal boundary is an invisible property line that indicates land ownership and the extent to which it is indicated.


Refers to the pursuit of helicopter applications that have minimal if any environmental impact. New innovations in helicopter technologies are being explored so as to sustain the Earth’s natural resources. Environmental protection helicopter services are implemented at all FairLifts affiliated locations.
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