National Lineman Appreciation Day!

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When it comes to maintenance on high-voltage transmission lines, there are many reasons why you should consider helicopters an indispensable resource. Inspections and other maintenance procedures can take days to complete with a large workforce on foot. April 18th is known as National Lineman Appreciation Day. FairLifts appreciates the hard work of all dedicated Lineman! Daily, we look to make their jobs easier with helicopter assistance.

Lineman: Pride, Spirit, & Camaraderie

The first lineman to be recognized in the United States went by the name of Ezra Cornell. Cornell was the founder of not only the Morse Telegraph line but also Cornell University. In 2017, there were approximately 115,000 linemen employed in the United States alone. They are responsible for maintaining 9 million miles of wire, 170 million wood poles, and 2.7 million transmission towers. Their average annual salary (without overtime) is approximately $63,000 after only four years of required training.

A lineman is known for their bravery as they head straight into disasters to restore power to thousands. They also climb towers with at least 30 pounds of tools and equipment strapped to them. Typically, they go unrecognized and forgotten. But we, at FairLifts, provide logistical support in order to assist lineman in their vigorous line of work. Making lineman’s jobs easier is what we do best!

Lineman are true American heroes!

Helicopters for Lineman

Helicopters are the perfect piece of equipment. They were strategically designed to hover at low altitudes and provide a clear view of overhead equipment. The linemen are trained to identify potential maintenance concerns and file a report with photos. Once the report is directed to the correct department, further maintenance can be arranged accordingly. However, this is a more efficient process when the linemen can cover more mileage.

Helicopters have proven to be a cost-efficient option in nearly all aspects of transmission line inspections, maintenance, and replacement. Ask a lineman that has experienced the days of climbing for maintenance procedures, they will tell you that helicopters have made their job easy. Helicopters have lift capabilities that make for material transportation to be cost-efficient and fast. Pilots working together with linemen make for an efficient team of experienced workers.

Construction or Maintenance

No matter what the need, FairLifts has the proper equipment, ground support, and experience to execute these operations with ease. We have access to an extensive network of experienced operators with top-of-the-line aircraft. This makes it easy for us to hand-select the perfect combination to get the job done efficiently while remaining affordable. A job that would take ground crew weeks will only take hours with the implementation of helicopters.

Our experts have experience in utility pole/tower installation, stringing of wires, hanging of insulators and accouterments, and other logistical transport. With 360-degree views, helicopters have also become essential in performing site inspections. You will get a closer inspection of infrastructures, power grids, and right of ways. We pride ourselves in providing top-notch results with five-star customer service. With FairLifts, you won’t have to worry about any of the logistics. From flight plans to ground crew, we handle it all. We have made a complicated process as simple as it gets, call us with the details and one of our dedicated experts will have you a free quote back the same day! It’s not a secret that we, as a lineman, are experts at what we do, call 1-800-318-8940 now and find out for yourself!

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