Texas Helicopter Hunting

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The human race continues to hunt, for as long as we have been in existence. It is no surprise that with the development of technology, comes more convenient methods of hunting. Helicopter hunting has recently been introduced as a method of population control. Specifically in Texas, where feral hogs can cause up to $800 million in crop damage.

Helicopter hunting for hog population control. (Credit: Russell Graves)

The unfavorable impacts of hog overpopulation are now being managed in the form of a sport. But you are not allowed to call it sport hunting because it is considered a depredation program! It is actually a violation of both federal and state law to participate in sport hunting from an aircraft.

Helicopters provide the versatility that is necessary for low altitude operations like these. Hunting requires the helicopter to hover steady enough for a clean shot to kill the hog. Helicopter hunting has been turned into an experience that you will never forget! And you don’t need years of firearm experience in order to participate! As long as you bring humility, listening/learning skills, and a positive attitude, you’ll be with educated operators the entire time!

Helicopter Hunting with FairLifts

Helicopter hunting does require special licensing and insurance in order to maintain a perfect safety record. However, our partners are passionate about flying and shooting, but safety will always come first. Not only that, but our pricing also includes ALL equipment rental. There are no hidden fees or up-charges associated with FairLifts helicopter services.

We specialize in everything helicopters including tours, utility, construction, filming, or even hunting. We can do it all! Our experts handle all of the logistics from flight plans to landing permissions. You won’t have to worry about anything but having a good time!

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