Use Helicopters for Aerial Surveys

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Helicopters continue to be an efficient and viable option for ground mapping and surveying. Helicopters for aerial surveys are used for scientific, biological, utility, infrastructure, construction, census surveys, and more. The following are some of the direct benefits that come with utilizing helicopters for aerial surveys and other operations.


Helicopters provide a safer surveying option when located in densely populated areas. Reducing ground area interruptions can help to eliminate risks to field surveyors and civilians. Helicopters can safely survey areas that are either hazardous or not accessible by any other means. With the ability to take off and hover, helicopters offer a perspective that other methods can’t.


Helicopters can fly lower and lower than fixed-wing aircraft. This makes them ideal for surveying. The FAA requires at least 1,000 ft above the highest obstacle, but helicopters can fly at a much lower altitude. Vertical accuracy for helicopter surveying can achieve +/-0.05 ft. Helicopters offer access to inspect troublesome or dangerous zones, giving surveyors a point of view that is relatively unobtainable.


In the aviation industry, time is money. So, when ground surveying takes hours upon hours, you are wasting precious manpower. Helicopters are cost-effective because they are able to cover more ground in less time. Pre-inspections have never been easier. There is no other vessel that can offer aerial surveying as helicopters can.

Let FairLifts Handle the Logistics!

When planning helicopter surveys and operations, every detail must be handled with care! The experts at FairLifts can serve, enhance, and provide more effective and accurate results when it comes to aerial surveys. We have the equipment to accommodate thermal imaging technology and much more. These technologies can provide beneficial assistance in construction, agriculture, geography, and many more industries.

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