Airbus’ RACER Helicopter Begin Testing in 2020

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The European Airbus RACER helicopter will be released to the European market followed a released to the United States market. Testing on the helicopter is expected in 2020, while a prototype will be created in the latter quarter of 2019.

The Racer – which stands for Rapid and Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft – will be released by Airbus Helicopters. It will have the latest in helicopter technology including H2020 framework as well as the Clean Sky 2 program.

It is said to be efficient in both speed, sustainability, mission performance and to top it all off the helicopter will be cost-efficient.

RACER Logistics

After figuring out the logistics of the helicopter – including the aerodynamics and systems – the prototype of the Racer is said to start in the latter quarter of 2019. The helicopter passed the preliminary design review (PDR).

Tomasz Krysinski, Head of Research & Innovation at Airbus Helicopters, expressed his gratitude to all of the European companies Airbus partnered with for the helicopter that resulted in a “ fantastic project.”

“ The PDR marks a major achievement for the Racer program as it allows to freeze interfaces and 3D definitions of the main subsystems, before detailed design and manufacture of key components,” Krysinski said.

Clean Sky 2 -defined on their website as “the largest European research program developing innovative, cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing CO2, gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft,” -is helping to bring the RACER to light.

It will begin in 2020 and there will be over 200 flight hours to help examine the helicopter’s abilities concerning speed, handling, aerodynamics, and stability. But this will only be the first string of testing.

The Second Wave

The second wave will focus on how the helicopter will handle when performing missions such as emergency medical services, private transportation, and search and rescue missions.

Some of the partners Krysinski praised were Italy’s Avio Aero, GE Aviation Business, Romania’s INCAS/Romaero, and Spain’s Aernnova.

Airbus RACER

Airbus is considered a leader on the worldwide level in regards to aviation, space, and other services. The company earned a total of 59 billion Euros in 2017. Approximately 129,000 people are currently employed by the company.

Airplanes designed by the company can seat between 100 to 600. Planes designed by the company are tankers, transport and mission aircraft, and combat aircraft. Airbus also created helicopters for both military and civilian purposes.

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