How to Choose the Best Helicopter or Rotor Wing Aircraft for the Job?

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How to choose the best helicopter or rotor-wing aircraft for the job.

When attempting to select the most proficient and cost-effective helicopter to perform a specific mission or task, there are several options to consider. Decision making concerning some of these elements require nothing more significant than relying on your taste or interest. Others are much more complex and may require research, test flights, and forethought to ensure the right aircraft has been selected.

Mission type

Your initial step will be to determine the scope of your mission. This will help to define what type of response you are expecting from the helicopter. For example, are you looking to tour a job site? This will be a brief trip and may require the use of a single-engine aircraft as you won’t be flying far and will not need accommodation for multiple travelers. Conversely, if you are interested in conveying a heavy load to a staging site, the mission will necessitate the use of an entirely different type of helicopter with a variety of capabilities.

Aircraft Maintenance

To facilitate a safe and effective flight, the aircraft will need to be inspected. Replacement parts may need to be ordered and routine care will need to be organized depending upon the time frame of the charter or lease you have established. Different model aircraft require less care than others, that said, helicopters have multiple components and the servicing of these type aircraft can become costly. You will want to source an ideal and reliable piece of machinery whose upkeep isn’t exorbitant.

Fuel capacity and logistics

You will need to not only determine fuel capacity concerning the aircraft itself based upon how much fuel the aircraft you desire will need to reach your desired destination but also calculate the ratio of fuel consumption in comparison to the effectiveness of the flight.

Aircraft home base

Aircraft is not only sourced with price and effectiveness in mind but also concerning location. If the aircraft you require is housed near to your departure location than you are in luck, however, if it has to be relocated, this may incur additional fees, just another element to consider in making a helicopter selection.

Helicopter model

Different type model aircraft can be used across the board for several missions or charters, but others are designed with a specific purpose in mind. You will want to consider all of the elements and how they affect the resolution of your charter’s intended purpose.

Associated costs

Additional costs may be incurred dependent upon which helicopter you choose. If a modification needs to be made to the exterior armor or the interior, you may incur supplemental charges.

The decision to charter a helicopter can be a costly endeavor which is why you can uncover the most effective aircraft to meet the needs of your reason behind pursuing the service. To hear more about specifics regarding the selection of a helicopter for a particular type of charter, reach out to a licensed air carrier to learn more.