Visit Sanibel Island, Florida by Helicopter

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This beautiful gem is located just along the Gulf of Mexico. Sanibel Island is just a short flight from Fort Myers. You will experience nothing but beautiful sunsets, luxurious resorts, and by far the most delicious dining! Giving you a chance to be closer to nature, you will be able to relax and partake in one of the island’s excursions. Not to mention, Sanibel Island is not far from an equally peaceful island, Captiva.

From fishing and boating to searching for seashells, there is something for everyone here. The U.S. News & World Report travel ranked Sanibel Island number three best beach in Florida and number 6 most relaxing getaway in the United States. The quiet and quaint island is perfect for family vacations.

Check out some of the attractions available on Sanibel and Captiva Islands:

Sanibel Island Vacation Done Right

With such a beautiful vacation, it is important to make the most of it. If you want to see as much of Sanibel Island as you possibly can, the best way to do it is from a helicopter. Aerial views from a helicopter are perfect for photo opportunities. They are especially notorious for putting ear-to-ear grins on children’s faces!

Kids love helicopters!

Helicopters not only allow you to get breathtaking pictures of where you are staying for the duration of your trip, but you also get to fly over any traffic or security lines that you would otherwise experience through commercial airports and driving.

Not only do you get to spend more time enjoying your vacation with helicopters, but you also get more sightseeing opportunities. Sanibel Island and Captiva charge $5 per hour for parking. They do not allow any roadside parking without a permit, which also costs extra. This can put a damper on the amount of sightseeing you can do. Helicopters allow you to see everything from a bird’s eye view

without having to pay additional for parking!

Also, helicopters are more affordable than people would typically imagine. Since we charge a flat rate for the aircraft, splitting the cost between passengers can make the experience more affordable for all. We, at FairLifts, also have access to an impressive network of aircraft and operators. This makes it easier for us to manage the logistics of your helicopter charter while maintaining your budget. You will know exactly what to expect when from the moment you arrive.

We can offer charters to Sanibel Island from virtually anywhere:

  • Fort Myers Airport
  • Southwest Florida International Airport
  • Naples Municipal Airport
  • Punta Gorda Airport
  • Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport
  • Tampa International
  • & More!
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