What to Expect from FairLifts Helicopter Services

Fair Lifts Helicopter Services

Do you have a job that requires helicopter assistance? Have you been shopping around for the best, most reliable company to hire? Look no further! FairLifts can help you get any helicopter job done with ease.

FairLifts Who?

We are different from other companies providing helicopter services. We have established first-hand relationships with hundreds of helicopter operators not only in the U.S but also around the world.

These affiliations ensure that we operate at the highest degree of efficiency and safety with every mission we take on.

Our partners’ top of the line aircraft and support equipment along with professional staff has enabled us to maintain our fantastic safety and business record that includes no accidents, aircraft damage, major injuries, contract defaults, or FAA violations.

Why Choose FairLifts?

FairLifts provides instant access to every possible type of commercial and executive helicopter service. All classes of helicopters are available at a moment’s notice to facilitate even the most complex requirements with ease.

Heavy lift, aerial crane, and executive charter needs are expertly defined and swiftly carried out. All of our missions are planned for maximum efficiency and cost reduction. We look beyond standardized requirements to best fit the professional needs of each client. We can handpick the perfect helicopter and operator for any of your projects!

By paying attention to the details that matter, we have obtained years of valuable experience in all manner of work; lifting everything from a standard commercial AC unit to a live Manta Ray. One consultation with us is all it will take to assure anyone of our capabilities for all your helicopter needs.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Air Crane Helicopters
  • Construction Helicopters
  • Heavy Lift Helicopters
  • Survey Helicopters
  • Helicopter Transportation
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Fire Fighting Helicopters
  • Heli-logging
  • Pipeline Survey Helicopters
  • Agricultural Helicopters
  • Off-Shore Helicopters

Don’t Wait! Get Started Today!

It’s really easy to get started! All you have to do is call 1-800-318-8940 and one of our helicopter experts can provide you with a free quote and answer any additional questions you may have!