Christian Gerald Desgroux, Military Impersonator, Misuses a Chartered Helicopter to Impress His Crush

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Christian Gerald Desgroux, a Car Mechanic Who Impersonated a General and Charted a Helicopter

The lengths a person will go to impress a member of the opposite sex sometimes borders on the insane or inane as is the case of a car mechanic who impersonated a general and charted a helicopter simply to escort the object of his obsession to a meeting. Recently, Chilean native turned U.S. citizen Christian Gerald Desgroux plead guilty to charges of impersonating an officer and flying a helicopter to SAS, a tech company’s, headquarters to pick up a female employee. At the time of the flight, Christian Gerald Desgroux, parading about in full military dress, told the helicopter pilot and security officials that he was acting on a direct order from the office of the President of the United States.

The truth was far from the scenario he explained to security which was he simply wanted to give this woman a ride in efforts to start a romantic relationship with her. He was not a general, not in the Army and did not have the clearance to land the helicopter where he did. And, now, after successfully sending himself on a fool’s errand he is facing fines of up to a quarter of a million dollars and perhaps even up to three years in jail.

The woman told officials that during the flight, which lasted roughly 30 minutes, they did nothing but fly around. She said she has known Christian Gerald Desgroux for roughly 20 years and that he had told her previously of his time in the military. According to statements from friends and family, Christian Gerald Desgroux has a history of impersonating military personnel and even indicated his position within the military in social media posts.

When questioned following the flight, the pilot said that Christian Gerald Desgroux had expressed interest in chartering a helicopter and flying it to the Pentagon.

This isn’t Christian Gerald Desgroux’s first rodeo with chartering helicopters to impress women either. In 2017, he donned an Army uniform, had the helicopter fly to KOA Kampground and subsequently met with a woman there. Further lies Christian Gerald Desgroux has told indicated he was an Apache helicopter pilot during the Gulf War and that he had one day hoped to land one on an aircraft carrier.

Perhaps he was of the mind if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, however following an indictment he may be singing a different tune while attempting to run game on women in the future.

It’s probably safe to assume that each of us has made an absolute ass of ourselves in attempts to win favor with someone we find attractive or want a chance to spend time with, albeit probably not to the extent Christian Gerald Desgroux did but still. And, in all fairness chartering a helicopter is certainly impressive and if done correctly can score you some brownie points with a special someone.

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