Unrivaled Aerial Prowess, with the Airbus H130

Unrivaled Aerial Prowess, with the Airbus H130

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Welcome to an era where industrial authorities pride themselves in accomplishing more in less time. Whenever the need comes for you to optimize the extent of your operations within the United states, make the easy decision to take your aspirations skyward. Introduce an Airbus H130 into your existing procedures, to accomplish more in less time, an advantage that can’t be understated in today’s fast-paced corporate environment.

Professional helicopters providers regularly take to local skies, for the benefit of clients like yourself. Offering a wide portfolio of helicopter services, each provider is in full accordance with any and all FAA regulations, upheld by pilots with years of flight experience. Helicopter cabins are also temperature-controlled, guaranteeing all guests lasting comfort while en route to a destination, or during the extent of aerial operations. Noise-cancelling headphones are also provided, so that you can stay focused on your setting, undeterred by the noise of power rotors overhead.

Discover a civilian-centered aerial advantage, in the Airbus H130

Operations become easier the moment you apply an Airbus H130 onsite for your individual or corporate enterprises. This single-engine, maneuverable helicopter is the easy solution to all of your transportation, aerial surveying and logistics needs. Capable of comfortably seating eight individual passengers for various lightweight capacities, the chopper itself is fitted with Turbomeca Arriel 2D engines, capable of short and long-range action. And characterized by a maximum weight of more than 5,500 pounds, and a flight speed that exceeds 120 miles per hour, this is the helicopter you want expediting your survey, transportation and miscellaneous ventures.

Today’s constantly changing corporate landscape requires an aerial solution that can adapt. The Airbus H130 is that solution, in offering a wide portfolio of services for use. Regardless of your financial parameters or your personal preferences with regard to the application of helicopter metrics, a chopper can effectively take your output to the next level.

Aerial surveys – Accomplish any and all aerial survey endeavors, with the vertical perspective you can accomplish from just below the clouds. The Airbus H130 can hover, takeoff and land at a moment’s notice given its lightweight frame, meaning that you can complete accurate, holistic aerial surveys whenever you need them.

Personnel transportation – Whether you’re attempting to accomplish pipeline procedures, transmission line ventures, aerial photography operations or emergency evacuations, you can move personnel quickly and securely from one location to the next, by air. The Airbus H130 can carry seven individuals in its cabin, living up to the “bus” portion of its moniker in a transportation service that’s easier than ever to enjoy.

Advanced maneuverability – Gyro-stabilized maneuverability means that your Airbus H130 can reach difficult-to-reach locations whenever the situation calls for it, given its ability to avoid ground obstacles and anomalies. From aerial trimming to the stringing of wire, the Airbus H130 can do it all from a comfortable altitude.

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