BMX Star Tackles Fear By Leaping from Helicopter

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The Scottish BMX star, Kriss Kyle overcame one of his biggest fears of heights in his latest RedBull video. Kyle can be seen jumping out of a helicopter at 720 feet in the air, dropping 14 feet onto a ramp at the top of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel.

The Leap

After his leap of faith, Kyle continues to make his way through Dubai. Flying down the twisting slides of the Wild Wadi Waterpark, the video goes on to show Kyle flipping through the grounds of the Burj Khalifa. Once the time to bid his adieu arrived, the stunt rider hops onto a moving boat as he is seen leaving the city behind.

Time-lapse image of Kris Kyle’s jump! Photo Credit: Fred Murray

The Preparation

Due to the extreme nature of his stunt, the conditions had to be perfect. Despite practicing for months, factors including wind, thermals, and Kriss’ crippling fear of heights left the 26-year-old only one shot at making the jump!

“I had to program my whole body for it,” Kyle said. “It’s amazing what the human body can do because I’m so scared of heights. Before flying out, and on the plane, I kept saying to myself, ‘I’m doing this. No matter what, I’m doing this.’”

It is estimated that nearly three to five percent of the population has the same irrational fear of heights as Kris Kyle.

Take a Leap Yourself!

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